Family Constellation Day with Maria Mierl, June 18th 2022

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Maria Mierl

  • Facilitator: Maria Mierl, kinesiologist, systemic constellation (Integral Coach Innere Form)…
  • Date: 18 June 2022 Time: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Location : Mazodos/Cyprus – go to Maps 
  • Registration/Information:, +357 99 180 562


for clients:

  • a preliminary interview (approx. 1 hour)
  • one  constellation
  • participation in the further constellations
  • and an extra a follow-up interview (approx. 1/2 hour)
  • price € 280.00 

for participants:

  • Take roles in the various constellations or simply observe and get to see (feel) and understand the dynamics
  • Insights and solutions of the constellations also have an effect on everybody present
  • € 30.00

General information on systemic family constellation Systemic constellations

Work in the morphogenetic field with possibilities in the following areas:

  • Family constellations
  • Organizational constellations
  • Constellations of the inner images
  • Resolution of negative symbioses.

A constellation can bring clarity to the relationship patterns of a family, new insights into mechanisms and well-rehearsed patterns that we have unconsciously and unreflectively adopted in our family. This is often the first step towards new, constructive relationships in the family and in one’s own life.

In systems (family, relationship, company, body, etc.) different forces and dynamics act that influence the behavior of the individual participants. Constellations make these effects visible. With the help of representatives, the parts of a system necessary for the solution are visually displayed. Through the reactions of the representatives, the relationships and balance of power become visible and can be experienced with all senses. This leads to new insights and solutions. That approach is extremely efficient and solution-oriented.

Do you want to change something? Then we will find the most suitable, coherent way to your goal. Whether in family, relationship, profession, company, health, personality development, competence to act, etc.

My approach in systemic work is to open up an inner and outer space in which the present can be seen and something new can be created. The outside always follows the inner form. It can be said that the future arises within ourselves. So that what is created IN us also bears fruit on the outside. I accompany you in your process, beyond the constellation work, individually so that you can practically implement the experiences of the constellation in your everyday life while unfolding its effect.


Familienaufstellungstag in Zypern mit Maria Mierl

Ich lade Euch herzlich ein, als Aufsteller oder Darsteller beim Aufsstellungstag am 18. Juni 2022 in Mazodos dabei zu sein.

Themen aus dem Familienbereich, aber auch aus Firmen- und anderen Lebensbereichen sind möglich. Aufstellungen können viel in deinem Leben bewirken, können hamonisieren, können Heilvorgänge unterstützen, können Lebensentscheidungen erwirken oder deren Umsetzung erwirken. Familiäre Streitikeiten oder Unklarheiten können verschwinden.

Neben den Veränderungen im Leben verhelfen systemische Aufstellungen, wie Energien, Ordnungen etc. im Leben wirken und zusammen wirken. Also, es ist hervorragend dazu, viele Abläufe zu verstehen und Verhaltensweisen von sich selbst und Anderer ebenfalls zu verstehen bzw. einzordnen. Eine großartige Bereicherung des Lebens (Verstädnisses).

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